27 nov. 2007


4 commentaires:

Toma a dit…

Thanks for stoping by my blog!
Awesome works here! I like all! I love your style!
If you don't mind too, i become to link you in my blog. Sorry, hope you understand me, my English is not very good.
See you!

beatnik a dit…

I "very" understand you!
we do with what we got!
thanks and see ya

tokyobanana a dit…

yo i really love your work i know that you'rea little overwhelmed , i hope you will read this post and send me a "joyeux noêl " mairie crissmeuss bref mon guitwo je serais content de le voir cleané a la tablette graphique et ensuite tu pourras te retapper la même colo , mais j'aimerais bien voir un peu plus d angles dans ce truc , more stretch angles in this stuff

Diogo Nogueira a dit…

nossa muito bom seus trabalhos! parabéns!